April 22 Bible reading

22 04 2021

April 22 Proverbs 10:11-20 Luke 21:5-38 Joshua 1; 2

Please read the suggested passages, prayerfully consider them, and the questions below. My comments here may be helpful after those moments. The suggested daily reading is for the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.

Reading the Bible is helpful in taking the next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us has been expressed through Jesus.

• What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?

• Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?

• What should you do about that truth?

April 22 Proverbs 10:11-20 Luke 21:5-38 Joshua 1; 2

Proverbs 10:11-20

A person who has found wisdom in their personal relationship with the living God can speak words of counsel that will be refreshing like a life-giving drink of water. The journey of growing up includes learning how to choose your words carefully.

Luke 21:5-38

Jesus encouraged His followers to live anticipating His return. We must consider this as reality for us today. Jesus also predicted that there would be suffering, in the future for his followers. Jesus helped them understand that there would be purpose brought through the suffering. Jesus experienced death before glory, and predicted the same for many of his followers. There will be ultimate victory and perfect peace found in Jesus.

Joshua 1; 2

God encouraged Joshua, promising not to fail or abandon him. God gave Joshua directions. This included a directive to continually study the Word of God. The land God gave them was described as a place of rest. This is important to understanding the nature of God. The residents of Jericho were afraid because they believed God was with the Israelites. Rahab chose faith in Yahweh. She helps the Israelites and later joins this family of faith. She’s mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus.



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