May 4 Bible reading

4 05 2021

May 4  Proverbs 11:9-18  John 4:1-26  Judges 1; 2:1-5

Please read the suggested passages, prayerfully consider them, and the questions below. My comments here may be helpful after those moments. The suggested daily reading is for the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.

Reading the Bible is helpful in taking the next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us has been expressed through Jesus.

  • What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?
  • Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?
  • What should you do about that truth?

May 4  Proverbs 11:9-18  John 4:1-26  Judges 1; 2:1-5

Proverbs 11:9-18

Choosing a life of honesty and healthy relationships with others is good for your city. Choosing to not gossip or speak badly about your neighbors will be a help to the neighborhood. Here we recognize important daily decisions that can positively impact our homes and our neighborhoods.

John 4:1-26

Jesus sat down at a well, tired and thirsty from days of walking. Jesus makes Himself available for conversation with a woman from Samaria. This is a decision counter to the culture of Jews viewing themselves as superior to Samaritans. It’s easy for us to talk with people and yet NOT truly see who they are or perceive what they’re experiencing. Jesus truly sees her and recognizes that her heart is craving something more than what she was currently finding in life. In this setting, Jesus calls her to a fulfilling relationship with God and reveals His identity as Messiah. This story tells us a few very important things about the love of God.

Judges 1; 2:1-5

Despite God’s promises the Israelites failed to follow through on their commitment. As a result, God stopped winning battles for them. They failed to drive out all their enemies. When we reflect on reading the New Testament (and the lessons from the book of Hebrews) we should be reminded of this. It had a far-reaching impact on the history of the Israelites.



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