January 19 Bible reading

19 01 2023

January 19 – Psalm 11, Matthew 13:36-58, Genesis 38; 39

Psalm 11

On ordinary days and days when things are falling apart, our God is alive, aware, able, and active. This is the faith statement sung by David when chaos and violence seem unchecked. “What should I do?” David sings. David believes that God is in control. We can choose to trust God. Turning to God we will see His face. He has an attentive focus on each human.

Matthew 13:36-58

Jesus taught His disciples that the Kingdom of God transcends everything in our natural world. We would be wise to recognize the priority of the Kingdom of God. Jesus called people to receive new spiritual life and repent of their self-oriented ways. Jesus predicted a day when all will be made right and our decision to follow Him will be rewarded. Jesus told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is more valuable than anything on earth. Jesus taught these things repeatedly and plainly. Jesus only did a few miracles in His hometown where they did not believe in Him as Savior.

Genesis 38; 39

Israel’s son Judah had been influential in selling his brother Joseph into slavery. Judah chooses sexual sin over God’s ways. Judah’s sons are wicked. Judah remains caught up in the customs of this world and sinful decisions. God is always aware of what is going on and brings consequences. Joseph’s master Potiphar recognizes the favor of God on him and puts him in charge of his resources. Joseph resists the temptation of sexual sin. Falsely accused, Joseph is put in prison where God continues to show him favor. God brings redemption to messed-up human relationships. God can show His faithful love even when we are falsely accused and wrongfully punished.

January 19 – Psalm 11, Matthew 13:36-58, Genesis 38; 39

Each day of the year I’ll post verses to read, with the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.

Reading the Bible is helpful in taking the next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us, expressed through Jesus.

After reading today’s passages, prayerfully consider them, and then my comments may be helpful after those moments.

  • What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?
  • Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?
  • What should you do about that truth?



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