“Ben and Rebecca Malmin have been faithful and fruitful leaders in City Bible Church their entire lives.  They have outstanding servant hearts and team spirit.  We are sending them as well trained and proven leaders to plant a thriving and impacting church for the greater Baltimore area.  Ben and Rebecca are an extension of all we are.  City Bible Church Baltimore, we are excited for your future!”

Pastor Frank DamazioCity Bible Church: Portland, OR

We are grateful to have key “Ministry Partners”. They have strategic input into City Bible Church Baltimore in general and our leadership team in particular.

Pastor Frank Damazio – City Bible Church: Portland, OR

It is our great honor to have been sent out to Baltimore from City Bible Church in Portland. Pastor Frank Damazio is our Pastor. He is the Lead Pastor of City Bible Church Portland OR and serves as President of Minister’s Fellowship Internationl & Portland Bible College. A published author and sought after speaker, Pastor Frank Damazio leads with a clarity that is far too uncommon.

Pastor Steven Stells – The House of Prayer: Chesterfield, VA

Pastor Stells is the Founding Pastor of The House of Prayer in Chesterfield, VA. Pastors Steven & Sharon started the church on July 4, 1976. Pastors Ben & Rebecca Malmin served as Youth Pastors to The House of Prayer 1997-1999. They have maintained a close relationship ever since. Pastor Stells serves many leaders, churches, and organizations across the US and internationally.

Pastor Dennis Lacheney – Christian Life: Chester, VA

Pastor Lacheney is the Pastor of Christian Life. Pastor Dennis & Suzanne started the church in 2002. They have served as advisors to Pastors Ben & Rebecca Malmin for years. Christian Life has experienced very stable growth since its birth and continues to grow. Pastor Dennis also provides a positive impact on many other churches across the US and internationally.

Pastor Joel Kaylor – Life Church: Osaka, Japan

Pastor Kaylor is the Pastor of Life Church. Pastor Joel & Kelly started the church in 2009. It is already a growing church in the region of Osaka which is home to 18.6 million. Pastor Joel is an experienced leader and strategic thinker. His church planting and business leading advice is sought after. Life Church is at the leading edge of urban church planting.

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