City Uprising

21 06 2014

June 28-29 City Uprising brings us a new opportunity! We can join with a few of our Baltimore City partner churches and serve in a city wide service project.


Read on, to learn more about why we will not be having a church service on Sunday morning June 29.  (There will be activity at the theater for those physically unable to serve and childcare for those serving. …more on that later.)


There are many specifically promoted events at a wide variety of locations, co-sponsored by many local non-profit organizations… too many to list here.


The primary times that I believe will be most effective for us to serve:


Saturday June 28th 11am-6pm     2 hour shifts are available for all opportunities.

Sunday June 29th 9am-4pm 

….with Monday 9am-4pm being also available at set public schools etc.


Here’s the two opportunities that I think we should focus on:



HIV Screening Block Party – Univ. of MD Jacques Initiative will provide 5 sites in the city where volunteers will help draw people in to the “block party” and free HIV testing is offered.

You may be handing out a flyer or food. You may be helping run a game for kids. (more info below and available online)

The Saturday HIV screening block parties will start with orientation at 11am and kick off at Noon. They’ll run two hour shifts until 6pm. The Mt Vernon location at First and Franklin Presbyterian is focused on the LGBT community and will require an additional training.

Please contact Joshua Smith 443.6290951 to serve this need.



Sunday:  Meet at Nate & Britany’s house 9am sharp 1016 Booth St Baltimore MD 21223     303.519.4035      Park your car in any free legal space in nearby blocks.

Hollins Market Neighborhood service – green space and neighborhood projects including painting, debris removal, fence repair, and preparing vacated spaces for new activity.

You will want work gloves and to supply your own water bottles etc. I’m not aware of any organized food for volunteers. We may learn more about that later.


I will be sending an invite to the facebook event page of City Uprising, to those of you who connect with me on facebook.


Sunday Morning June 29th

Since we do have several people who will not be physically able to serve…

I will be at the theater Sunday morning to host worship, prayer, Bible Study, and writing Thank You cards for our “First Responders” Fire, EMT, Police. We will have child care available (PLEASE RSVP) from 8:45am to Noon. This will help those with babies be able to serve in Nate & Britany’s neighborhood. Any kids at the theater will help create art for a Children’s Hospital.


Thank you for representing Jesus in Baltimore City! 


Ben Malmin, Pastor

City Bible Church





Additional info:


You can also select a volunteer position via this link:


City Uprising is a 3 day service project/4 day gathering event which focuses on Baltimore City Schools, HIV Outreach Day, Parks/Green Projects, Block Parties and community created service projects. This event is annually hosted by Gallery Church of Baltimore and is a collaboration of multiple non-profits organizations, churches, businesses and Baltimore City.

Gatherings starting at 7:00pm on June 27th – June 30th @ United Evangelical Church 2400 Dillon St.

Service Projects are from 9:00-4:00pm June 28th, 29th and 30th. 35 Projects this year!

We would love it if you would join us for City Uprising this year. Service Projects slots are available! Join to participate and we will contact you.

You can also select a volunteer position via this link:

City Uprising 2014 Neighborhoods: Downtown, Jonestown, Washington Hill, Barclay, Madison Park, Harbor East, Fellspoint, Upper Fells/Fells Prospect, Patterson Park, Highlandtown, Canton, Franklin Square, Hollins Market, Union Square, Pigtown, Madison Park, Mount Vernon, Harlem Park, Historic Dundalk, Colgate. Bayview and Armistead Gardens.

Participating Local Orgs: Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association, Union Square Neighorhood Association, Franklin Square Neighborhood Association, Southeast CDC, Dundalk Renaissance Corporation, International Rescue Committee, Safe House of Hope, Hope Springs, Jonestown Planning Council, Morgan Stanley, and the Albemarle Square HOA.

Schools: Patterson Park Public Charter School, James McHenry Elementary, Steuart Hill Academic Academy, City Springs, Colgate Elementary, Highlandtown #237

HIV Outreach orgs: Payne Memorial AME, Unity Unity UMC, St. Matthews New Life UMC, First and Franklin Presbyterian Church, Martin Pollak, University of Maryland Institute Of Human Virology, Jacques Initiative, Orasure, Star Track


The HIV screening block parties on Saturday:


HIV Testing Sites 11a – 6p (two hour shifts)

Mount Vernon – First & Franklin Presbyterian Church 30 – 40 Volunteers !

Highlandtown – Martin Pollack Project, Inc. 30 – 40 Volunteers!

Barclay – St. Matthew’s UMC 30 – 40 Volunteers!

Madison Park – Payne Memorial AME 30 – 40 Volunteers!

Harlem Park – Unity UMC 30 – 40 Volunteers!
Churches: City Bible Church Baltimore, The Foundry Church, Gallery Church Downtown, Gallery Church Patterson Park, Gallery Church Eastpoint, Gallery Church SoWeBo, Payne Memorial AME, Unity Unity UMC, St. Matthews New Life UMC, First and Franklin Presbyterian Church



Baltimore City Schools – community projects in helping facilities of schools in need.


Saturday and Sunday:

Green Projects – including the Hollins Market Neighborhood Association efforts to clean up the neighborhood with activities such as painting, sweeping, removing debris, fence repair, and gardening.

Additionaly Community Projects: Patterson, SoWeBo, Dundalk, Downtown, and more.


Refugee Resettlement – providing assistance to existing centers that serve this community and children/teens who have been victims of sex trafficking.



Please contact Joshua Smith 443.6290951 to serve this need.


Website to sign up for City Uprising:

CU Block Party