sabbatical summer

11 06 2021

Hello, I will be out on sabbatical from June 14 to September 15. My daily posts here will continue, thanks to the ability to work ahead of time.

I will be completely off all social media. If you are looking for a reply regarding our City Harbor Church or Baltimore community activities please reach out to our team at (410) 929-1619 or and they will reply.

Big Thank You to the Board of Elders and Dream Team at City Harbor Church for providing this sabbatical rest for me and my family. The idea of a sabbatical grows out of the biblical concept of sabbath rest. It is a healthy reminder that who we are is more important than what we do. God invites us, from time to time, to pause deliberately from our work, to be fully aware of his presence, and enjoy the many wonderful gifts given us.

My wife and I are looking forward to spending time with our children, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, and shoring up our emotional, physical and spiritual bases through rest.