a note for this fall

28 10 2021

Over the summer, my wife and I spent time focused on God’s love. We stepped back from our normal routines to rest, process the journey we’ve been on, examine our health, and spend overdue extended time with our young adult “kids”.

This has been an amazing gift from our church family with whom we celebrated 10 years, back in January. We owe a tremendous Thank You to several key people who made donations and gave time and energy to make this happen! Without them, it would not have been possible! Certainly our church family, leaders, & elders, both sets of parents, and Howard & Donna! You all made this life-changing. It has been an opportunity for us to be refreshed. We have hope and clarity. We are growing in strength, peace, and joy. It has been a valuable time with our family (immediate and extended). We are thankful for Charlotte’s transition to college and Gideon’s transition to high school. We enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

We spent significant time praying, processing, writing, and reading. We have been seeking God’s perspective. We received coaching before, during, and after this sabbatical. I have new perspective now that simply wasn’t possible before. We have implemented a variety of changes, including a new healthy lifestyle plan.

Since returning in September we have been focused on our church family, in Baltimore. We are getting caught up on communication. Thank you for your patience. Please understand that we are spending little time on social media. Our contact info is the same. Grace and peace to everybody on these beautiful autumn days!