About Us

I’m forgiven, and honestly I think that’s the only thing that matters.  The love, life, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ are the reason I am alive today.

I live to love Jesus.

I live to bring people to Him.

This is resulting in a church being built, one family at a time.

Rebecca, my wife of 17 years is beyond anything I ever dreamed.  A wonderful mother to our two children: Charlotte and Gideon.  The kids?  They wreck me.  I LOVE THEM!

My father is my best friend, my mom is a world changer, and my sister (with her family) are changing Cambodia forever!  I am a fourth generation preacher.

We moved to Baltimore to start a church from scratch, August 2010.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Rebecca and I didn’t fall in love at first sight (that came later and wow), but we fell in love with Baltimore at first sight.  Don’t you want to live in a city with friendly people and a culture worth talking about?  The City of Baltimore has neighborhoods worth talking about. We love the fact that we now live in the city – in a neighborhood where people talk to each other!

Over the years we have often traveled through the Mid-Atlantic region of the US and found it a great cultural fit for us.  During our years as youth pastors in Virginia we spent our anniversary weekends in Baltimore.  We would drive up to enjoy a bit more of the city life between DC and Baltimore. We enjoyed the culture, food, history, and the aquarium!  

Growing up as a kid my dad has been an Oriole’s fan.  Later we enjoyed one of Ripken’s last games.  There’s nothing quite like Camden Yard!  Not many know that prior to the glory years of ’66-’83 the O’s won it all in 1894, 1895, and 1896.  We’ve enjoyed cheering for the Ravens and the O’s for years now!

Rebecca and I grew up in Portland Oregon.  She also lived in Monterey CA (near a great aquarium) and in Uganda (near Lake Victoria that has our favorite fish: African Cichlids).  The Aquarium on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is one of our kid’s favorite places.  Charlotte & Gideon love the city!

More than anything, Rebecca and I love to serve people.  We love to see people find a real life change in Jesus Christ!  We’ve worked in schools, tutored, done school assemblies, coached sports, served churches, and been involved in community efforts to bring real healing.  Any effort we have put into teaching, preaching, and writing in the past has been focused on bringing real help to people.we are family

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