Billy Graham

22 02 2018

Finding peace in Jesus changed my life forever. Helping other people find the same truth became the passion of my life. Billy Graham helped me understand that the love of Jesus could be explained in a simple way. By listening to him I learned that this was possible on a massive scale without the trappings of, or ego of a celebrity culture. Please take a few minutes and listen to one of his messages.

He had a positive impact on me. My family found him to be a hero in the faith. My extended family, my church family, and many of friends were personally affected by him. Many people that we know found faith in Jesus through Billy Graham. I learned that you don’t have to criticize people, but instead you can speak the truth in love.

His two crusades in Portland, my hometown, were historic. This video shows the connection between them and the spiritual movement that shaped my own life in different ways. I was in a few of the meetings shown here. Today I share Jesus with others in a way that was shaped by this. Today I gather monthly with other pastors for prayer, relationship, and serving God’s purpose in Baltimore (in part because of what happened, shown in this video, with other pastors). Let us learn from heroes of the faith. Let us grow from how they lived and what they did. Let us pray for people who do not yet know Jesus, every day!


recent happenings

8 02 2018

This audio will give you an idea of what we’ve been up to this past year. You will hear the voices of most of our Dream Team. It is full of amazing answers to prayer!