Happy New Year! Get “real”. Live your life “full” without making empty promises to yourself.

31 12 2010

Happy New Year from Baltimore!

If you work out at a club you probably dread this time of year. The parking lot is full again. You can’t get time on your favorite machines. It takes quite a bit longer to get your normal workout and even longer still to get out of said parking lot. If you’re of the cynical variety you’re secretly placing bets on which of the January Newcomers will last until February.

You’ve probably heard it said, “it works if you work it”. On New Years we tend to make resolutions. The truth is that most of these end up just Empty Promises.

It’s annoying, right? Someone makes a promise they never fulfill. You don’t know like it when someone does it to you. Why do the same thing to yourself? You don’t want friends to be fake with you. Don’t be fake with yourself.

Let’s get real.          Reflecting on the past year and being honest about the future can be very helpful!

Real life can be great! Get real. Be authentic…top to bottom…through and through. Live your life on purpose.

Truth be told…many of us don’t…many of us don’t live our lives “for real”. Many of us don’t take time to get real with ourselves. Sure we’ll moan about being in dumpsville, but spending productive time reflecting and planning? Forget that.

“Productive time reflecting and planning”? You should try it. You might like it.

Sure a movie is worth 2 hours of your time over the holidays, but is your life worth the same amount of time?

This New Year’s try spending a bit of time in reflection. Turn everything off, put the phone & laptop away, get out pen and paper.

For best results, you should also spend a bit of time in prayer and the Bible (before/during/after this process).

1. Make a few lists – keep it simple:

A. What do I like about last year?

Think about different areas of your life. List the simple stuff. For me, having a faithful wife of 14 years is a big deal!

B. Why am I happy about where I’m at now?

Every minute you spend to make this list quality is well worth it!

C. What does the Bible say about me?

Write out a few simple observations. Please let me know if you need help with this one.

D. What does God want me to do this year?

Make time to ask God what He thinks and He will answer!

2. Ask someone that you trust and respect to glance at your list.

As soon as possible, get a few minutes over coffee with a “coach” to review the lists with you.

3. Use the teamwork to generate a short list of “Next Steps”.

Hopefully this simple exercise leads you to a simple way to improve this year.

When I have been honest with myself, asked God for guidance, listened to a coach, and used “Next Steps” it has always made January easier. When you “get real” it’s much easier to live your life on purpose. Very quickly your life will be full. You will find yourself doing the things you want to do, and not wasting time just “spinning your wheels”.

Get real, live your life on purpose, and you will soon be living life to the “full”!

Happy New Year!



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7 01 2011
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