Faith for the Workplace

15 03 2014

At CBC we’re helping people connect with Jesus, grow in faith, and share His love.

That includes your daily life.


  • God gives faith
  • Faith can grow
  • Faith helps work


From the Garden of Eden, to Daniel, to Esther and Nehemiah we see that “Work with a Purpose” is God’s idea.

I know it’s tough, but we can find purpose regardless of what our work is!

Paul gives us excellent advice for being full of faith in our workplace, in Romans 12.

From Paul’s counsel we see that we can live our daily life as a worship and that through that lifestyle we can overcome evil.


I recommend reading all of Romans 12 before you read this:

Through our work we…

•Love God – live as a worship
•Serve people
•Meet our needs
•Build trust & earn influence
•Earn money to help others
     (from Your Work Matters to God)
We find God’s will for our work by…
•Knowing what He thinks via Bible
•Using wisdom & getting help
•Examining God’s design
What can we do when we encounter evil?
•Don’t be shocked  Eccl 5:8
•Live like God’s in control Prov 3:5-10
•Overcome: dream big think small Rom 12
Remember:Faith is an expression of confidence in the person and character of God.When you interact with tension ask these questions:

What is bothering you?

What is the solution?

What should be?

That will help you find solutions, be happy, and get promoted by:

  • Seeing God’s purpose & design
  • Asking God about your role & goals
  • Acting on purpose for the good
  • Identifying & address issues with love

So, now you can pray and plan:

Pray for opportunities.

Plan as if you expect God to answer your prayer.



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